Why Hope Global?

Hope is a global movement that believes that Jesus is the hope of the world through the local church. We exist to plant (pioneer), connect, and equip Great Commission-focused churches and their leaders, around the world. We accomplish this through sharing resources, and establishing a systematic approach in discipleship, starting new churches, and healthy church growth.

We want you to be a part of our family. We want to provide you with access to the community, tools and guidance you need to be the leader God has called you to be. We also want to provide you the opportunities to display the significance you have inside of you by creating environments where you can invest in and impact those leaders coming behind you.

Phases to start a Hope Life Group or Church


We want you to know us and allow us to know you. In this phase, we want you to experience the Hope culture, learn about our ministry philosophy and build relationships with us. You will get to understand our Hope vision, values, beliefs and our financially self-sufficient approach in doing God’s work. 


The goal in the Embark phase is that your team will start the initial pioneering work to plant a Life Group/Church in your locality. You will receive coaching in pioneer to accomplish pioneer milestones. This will allow you to gauge your ministry readiness and get a taste of the initial pioneering work in your locality.


The Evaluate Phase has three steps: Application, Review, and Confirmation. During this phase, you will apply to be a Hope church planter, understand the requirements and commitment, and receive valuable feedback from experienced pastors on your readiness to be part of our Hope vision and Hope family network.


Once confirmed, we want to equip and train you with the tools needed to take the next steps in setting up your official Hope Life Group/Church. During this phase, you will contextualise the Hope model for your country and will complete a series of steps that will deepen your understanding of Hope pioneer philosophy and organisational model.

Why be a part of Hope?

We believe that no one should do ministry or life alone and that we are better together. Through our annual regional and global conferences, we connect you with other leaders and pastors who share the same vision to fulfil the Great Commission, and are on the same journey as you. You will have the opportunity to build strong Kingdom relationships with like-minded individuals around the world, and also be part of the community to help other local churches.
It takes resources to build a strong church and we are here to help. You will have ready-access to ideas, strategies, and methods to accomplish the task of building a biblical church that fulfils the Great Commission. You will be invited to the annual Global Leaders’ Training held in Singapore that will equip you for the work God has called you to do.
We believe in you and are devoted to seeing you win. After training, you will receive 1-to-1 mentoring and coaching by leaders and pastors of the Hope Global family. They will help you on the journey, answer any ongoing questions, and ensure that you are set up for success.
Whether you want to start a church or are part of an existing church, you can join the Hope family.

Join the Hope Global Family

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