Core Values

We are grateful for the Gospel that brings salvation. Though we were once dead in sin, God has graciously given us new life in Christ. Thankful for God’s precious gift of salvation, we want to worship Him and live a life worthy of His calling. Assured of God’s love for us shown on the cross, we want to grow as disciples to serve Him and His people. Confident of Jesus’ return in the future, we want to do good works and lead others to know Jesus. In the practice of our faith, the Gospel is our unchanging motivation.

We believe that the Bible is the unerring Word of God, God’s revelation for His people. The Bible is the yardstick by which we live. We submit to its authority, adhering to its timeless principles that are sufficient for godly living and relevant for believers of all cultures and times. We turn to the Bible for wisdom to grow in maturity and to be completely equipped for every good work. Cultures and times may change, but we will always look to the Bible as our blueprint for how we ought to conduct our lives as God’s people.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Holy Trinity and God’s gift to His people. The Holy Spirit is our power source; He empowers the church to work towards God’s agenda by fulfilling the Great Commission. We are continually empowered by the Holy Spirit as we work in partnership with Him and walk according to His ways. Through the Holy Spirit’s power, we are able to live changed lives, break new ground, and reach people for Christ. As long as we are willing, we can always yield to the Holy Spirit and receive power for godly living and ministry.

We are committed to grow as disciples of Christ in response to God’s loving grace. To know and follow Christ is the lifelong journey of discipleship shared by the young and the old, the students and the working professionals, the singles and the families, no matter how long we have been in the faith. We believe in fulfilling the Great Commission by making disciples wherever we go. Disciples make new disciples. As the church, we are steadfast in our dedication to do discipleship as our lifestyle.

We believe that we as the church do not exist for our own sake and to meet our own needs. As the church, we also want to reach those who do not know Jesus so that they would come to know of His love and righteousness. We look beyond ourselves to love people despite our differences and with no strings attached. We recognise that people was the reason why Jesus came, and people is the reason why God is sending the church to be His witnesses in the world. We hold fast to the unchanging value of people as our passion.

The church is neither a building nor an event. The church is a community of believers who love and worship God together. Salvation is both a personal decision and a communal experience. After one makes a personal decision to follow Jesus, one can join the family of believers to follow Jesus together. Even in the midst of hurts and differences, we resolve to grow and mature as a family. We look out for one another’s needs and enfold new members into the family. Though the world may see us as merely an organisation, we see the church as the family that God has blessed us with for all eternity.

We believe that the Gospel message of salvation is for all people groups. Regardless of social, cultural, language or other barriers, the Gospel is to be preached to the ends of the earth. Through planting churches in Singapore and all over the world, we want to bring the Gospel to local communities, make disciples who will put their lives on the line for the Gospel, and fulfil the Great Commission. Though our methods may change, our calling to plant churches will never change.

We are intentional to build leaders who will shepherd the people of God and guide the church to proclaim and live out the Gospel in all generations. Leaders do not emerge by chance; we seek to purposefully develop Christ-centred leaders who have the character, wisdom and strength to lead the church forward. To be a church that stands strong in the midst of persecution and challenges, we are determined to build leaders who lead by example in persevering in the faith.